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Ege University English Translation and Interpretation Department was founded in the 2009- 2010 academic year. The department welcomed its first students in the same year. English Translation and Interpretation Department aims to educate students for a professional career as translators, interpreters and researchers in the field of translation and interpreting studies. It is a prerequisite to attend foreign language exam in English given by OSYM (Student Selection and Placement Centre) for undergraduates to study English Translation and Interpretation.

The students are expected to graduate with:

a) high lingual and communicative skills in both Turkish and English,
b) a self awareness about the importance of the field for contemporary world and the role  and identity of the translator/interpreter as an intercultural expert,
c) a broad, critical insight about the theories of translation and interpreting,
d) research skills to conduct interdisciplinary studies, 
e) a profound knowledge of intercultural institutions and affairs,
f) abilities to orientate and transform the expectations of the sector,
g) competence to use the latest translation and interpreting technology.


Graduates of the department have a wide scope of occupational opportunities ranging from public institutions to movie studios as well as publishing houses and magazines. The interpreters who specialize in fields such as medicine, automotive, law or economics can work as conference interpreters in public and private sectors. The graduates can carry on their studies in postgraduate level and can be employed within the academy as researchers. Translators can also self-employ either as freelance translators or by establishing translation agencies.




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