Çerez Örnek


Ege University Department of Translation & Interpreting was founded in 2009. According to data from ÖSYM (National Assesment, Selection and Placement Center), our department is listed among the most preferred departments of Translation & Interpreting in Turkey. The department offers B.A. programs in German Translation & Interpreting and English Translation & Interpreting and a M.A. program in German Translation & Interpreting. Our undergraduate programs are affiliated to the Faculty of Letters and the Master's degree program is affiliated with the Institute of Social Sciences.
The aim of the four year B.A. Degree program is to improve the basic skills of our undergradute students by providing training in translation and interpreting as well as getting them acquainted with the critical and theoretical approaches to the field of translation. The theoretical and critical knowledge gained in our undergraduate program constitutes the basis for a Master’s degree.
Our departmental courses enable the students to improve their translation skills in both written translation and interpreting. Literary translation, media translation, specialized translation (mainly legal and technical translation), as well as consecutive and simultaneous interpreting classes may be cited among the courses of the undergraduate curriculum. Students attending these classes have the opportunity to work on and practise a variety of texts coming from different fields such as technical and legal texts, texts from social sciences and economics as well as literary texts. Our graduates should improve their linguistic skills sufficiently well as to be able to perform translation and interpreting using them and they should be familiar with issues and terminology in different areas.
IIn addition to departmental courses, students who completed their sixth semester are expected to work as an intern in private sector, in public institutions or international organizations.
Our undergraduate program may be seen as an initial stage of our department’s Master’s Degree Program in German Translation & Interpreting.
Through national and international exchange programs, our students have also the opportunity to gain experience and expand their cultural and field knowledge in different universities.

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